Mumford and Sons banjo player Winston Marshall joked with Vulture Wednesday night.  However, Marshall's words were taken seriously.  The banjo player said, "I wish I had something to say about Mumford & Sons. It was a good time. It’s over."

Then, he mocked his own instrument, "I think 'killed' is an understatement. We murdered it. We let it, yeah — fuck the banjo. I fucking hate the banjo.”

He also talked about his desire to get into catering.

Usually, when somebody is joking, they're words get more and more absurd.  But, not everybody gets it.  So, several people close to the band have made statements saying that the band is not breaking up.

Members of Mumford and Sons have been having fun with the whole "break up" concept since they announced their hiatus in late 2013.  Marcus Mumford told a UK radio station that he often tells friends that the band broke up and will have a "big comeback next year."



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