Articles claiming to share each state's favorite band started popping all over the internet on Tuesday.

But, its mostly nonsense.

The articles are based on a study by a group called The Echo Nest.  They broke down each state's "Most Distinctive Artist."

In other words, which state likes a particular artist a lot more than the rest of the country.  For example, Kelly Roland (we assume they mean Rowland) is listed as Maryland's "Most Distinctive Artist."

Rowland, according to their research, is actually Maryland's 45th favorite artist.  Kelly, better known as one of the members of Destiny's Child not named Beyonce, is the United States' 217th favorite artist.

So, Kelly Rowland is far more popular in Maryland than she is in the rest of the country.  But, she is FAR from the state's favorite artist.

See their list for each state's Favorite Music Artist here.

Of course, there's a small chance you're going to share this article by saying "WYOMING LOVES THE DIRTY HEADS!"  Don't feel bad.  TIME screwed it up.

More details here.