At a Pearl Jam concert in England, Eddie Vedder launched into an anti-war rant at the end of the band's performance of Daughter.

(NOTE: There's going to be a lot of NSFW language)

During the rant, Vedder never mentioned a country by name, but many have assumed that he was commenting on the current situation between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

A lot of Israel-related sites have voiced their displeasure and a debate is exploding on the band's Facebook page.

Vedder and the rest of Pearl Jam have a long history of anti-war opinions and they have never been shy about expressing them.

Around the 3:30 mark of the video below, Vedder started to sing "no more war" and encouraged the crowd to join.  At the 4:10 mark, he let loose:

"So, what the fuck?  What the fuck?  We can have this many people having a peaceful time, we can have modern technology.  We can reach our friends, they can know what we're thinking before we're thinking it.  Advertisers can know what we're thinking before we're thinking it.  We have technology.  All of this at our hands.  But, at the same time, as something this positive is happening, at the same fucking time, not even that far away, fucking dropping bombs on each other.  What the fucking fuck?

And I get if war is the last resort, if they're coming on your soil, I get it.  I get it.  You don't want to be in that situation.  But, I swear to fucking God, there are some people out there who are looking for a reason to kill.  They're looking for a reason to go across borders and take over land that doesn't belong to them and they should get the fuck out and mind their own fucking business.

Have our children, eat, procreate, draw a painting, make some art, listen to music, fuck some more, have another baby, eat, work, eat, work, love, love, love.  Everyone's the fucking same.

So, why are people at war?  Stop the fucking shit now.  Now.  Now.

We don't want to give them our money, they don't get our taxes to drop bombs on children.  Now. No more.  Now."

Then, he led the crowd in a sing-along of War.

The rant has led many in Israel to get really pissed at Vedder.  A radio station in Israel that previously was a part of a movement to bring Pearl Jam to Israel posted this message (translation from Google):

"Eddie Vedder, your true face came out at last (as the fourth minute) ...

Feel free not to come here, I personally do not want to see you very soon and I wipe the paper he was reading to get you to Israel before I'll be showing your true face there. I feel sorry for the rest of the band wanted to get here and I'm sure they are good and a lot more balanced.

I guess that after people see the YouTube that I will not be the only one who feels this way ... Just like your master, Roger Waters, you do not understand what's going on a cruise, you do not have the slightest idea, but you have the audacity and arrogance to say what you say ... Tell me, how many bottles you would need to drink to get the that rot out of your mouth?"