Live started what was supposed to be a two year hiatus in 2009.  Their front-man, Ed Kowalczyk, started to work on a solo album.  The other guys formed a new band called The Gracious Few with members of Candlebox.

Then, the lawsuits came.

Bassist Patrick Dahlheimer, drummer Chad Gracey, and guitarist Chad Taylor sued Kowalczyk for breach of contract in 2010.  That was the end of Ed Kowalczyk's stint in Live.  The quartet had formed in the 1980s to play a middle-school talent show.

In 2012, a company representing the three remaining members of Live sued Kowalczyk for copyright infringement.  They have continued touring as Live with Chris Shinn on vocals.

After the lawsuits, Kowalczyk know is billed as "formerly of Live" in promotions.

For the first time since the mess, Kowalczyk is talking about the experienceHe talked to Rolling Stone about the personal nature of the legal attacks:

"I was having this incredible renaissance of joy in what I was doing, but at the same time, there was the contrast of literal legal siege being brought to my doorstep. They had this malicious program of dropping these legal bombs on me when my [first solo] record came out, on my birthday, on Christmas Eve."

It is not surprising that Kowalczyk is not a big fan of the band's decision to continue without him, "They're not being real clear about who's in it anymore. They obfuscate that it's not the real band. They don't say that it's not the original [lineup]. They just kind of go out and surprise people, and it's really sort of lame."