The Foo Fighters will release a new album in November.  The making of the record will be documented on an upcoming HBO series called Sonic Highway.

Dave Grohl's inspiration for his HBO series was telling the story of music.  The Foo Fighters front-man explains to the Hollywood Reporter:

"After making the Sound City movie, I realized that the pairing of music and documentary worked so well because the stories give substance and depth to the song, which makes a stronger emotional connection to it. If you know the story behind the artist, or the story behind the studio, or the song, it widens your appreciation for the music. The four-minute long video is a blessed thing but sometimes it can be just an image. And these stories and these people give so much more depth to the music."

The series focuses on studios in eight American cities.  There will be stops in places like Washington D.C., Seattle, and Los Angeles.

Each city will have a significant influence on the music recorded there.  Grohl says:

"It was tricky because it's not just a series, it's an album. And so when you're sequencing the series, you're sequencing the album, so what do you sequence first? And how can you write the music before you shoot the episode? How do you know what the theme is going to be and how can you tell the story? These things would keep me up at night. I'm not only thinking about the lyric I have to spin the next day, I'm thinking about how it fits into the overall arc of the history of American music."

Read the full interview from The Hollywood Reporter here.  Grohl also addresses Nirvana's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.