"You can describe it as a remarkable achievement...You can also remember it as a really f**ked-up time."

Dave Grohl is describing Nirvana's final year.  The band started recording In Utero in February of 1993.  The album released in September of 1993.  Kurt Cobain died in April of 1994.

Nirvana is re-releasing their last studio album and Grohl, the band's drummer, reflected on In Utero and Nirvana's last days with Rolling Stone.

Grohl says, "The album should be listened to as it was the day it came out. That's my problem with the record. I used to like to listen to it. And I don't anymore, because of that. To me, if you listen to it without thinking of Kurt dying, you might get the original intention of the record. Like my kids. They know I was in Nirvana. They know Kurt was killed. I haven't told them that he killed himself. They're four and seven years old. So when they listen to In Utero, they'll have that fresh perspective – the original intention of the album, as a first-time listener.

"Someday they will learn what happened. And it'll change that. It did for me."