Tom Petty expressed his feelings on a lot of current music and his early influences in an interview with the CBC.

Petty trashes "plastic computer music" when asked about the way music is now created.  He adds, "I don't feel like the artist did that.  You put your name on it, but you didn't do that."

He also discusses fame, "A lot of people get famous now very quickly and they seem to have a turnover where they're not famous for that long, but someone else steps in to fill that slot...they're sort of disposably famous."

Tom Petty also discusses his early influences in the interview, specifically Elvis, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones.  He says that his picture of Elvis "was the American Dream."  But, he also felt like becoming Elvis was unattainable.

On The Beatles, Petty said, "that looked like something that could be done to me."  But, he still did not think he could reach the Beatles' level of musicianship.

When he saw The Rolling Stones, Petty thought, "That I can do...They were grittier."