Jethro Tull leader Ian Anderson is releasing a new album on Tuesday called Home Erraticus.  He's releasing it as a solo record.

Anderson tells Billboard that Jethro Tull is essentially over.  The musician explains:

"The huge body of work that is the Jethro Tull catalogue stands firm close beside me and in good stead... But I think I prefer, in my twilight years, to use my own name for the most part being composer of virtually all Tull songs and music since 1968."

One of the reasons that Anderson is releasing music under his own name is because he's not a huge fan of the name "Jethro Tull."  Anderson explains, "I can't help but feel more and more as I get older that I'm guilty of identity theft and I ought to go to prison for it, really...t doesn't make me feel very good. I never paid much attention in history class, so I didn't realize we'd been named after a dead guy until a couple of weeks later."

The "original" Jethro Tull was an English agricultural pioneer.