Eric Clapton turns 70 in March of 2015.

He once told Rolling Stone that he'd stop touring at 70.  The idea is based around Clapton's good friend, JJ Cale.

Cale wrote two of Clapton's classic: Cocaine and After Midnight.  JJ stopped touring when he turned 70 and Clapton wants to do the same.  

Cale died in July of 2013 at the age of 74.  Now, Clapton is releasing a JJ Cale tribute album called The Breeze (Cale also wrote Call Me The Breeze).  The album features Clapton and various special guests covering JJ Cale songs.  The special guests include Tom Petty, Willie Nelson, Mark Knopler, and Derek Trucks among others.

In an interview with UnCut about the album, Clapton still stood strong on the idea of stopping at 70.  Part of that feeling is based on the hassle of the road:

"The road has become unbearable.  It's become unapproachable, because it takes so long to get anywhere.  It's hostile--everywhere: getting in and out of airports, traveling on planes and in cars."

Clapton noted that he still plans on working in the studio but, notes that "odd ailments" could eventually prevent that, also.