Heard a lot about this one. The label is very cool. 

Is the taste?

Let's find out.

Look-An oil black that looks like it could keep my engine running if I poured it into my car.

Beer as motor oil??? Someone get to work on that!

Smell-Interesting smell for a stout in that I don't get a lot of roast in the nose. Chocolate for sure as well as black licorice. 

Taste-Dark fruit right on the lips but that gives way to chocolate, roasted malt, and the coffee taste I was expecting in the nose.

Mouth-Full bodied. Bitter throughout with a dry finish.

Overall-A very good stout that doesn't hammer you with coffee (I'm not a coffee guy) but I'm not quite sure it lived up to the hype. 

About Old Rasputin:

A rich, intense brew with a robust palate, a fruity nose and a warming finish. Very complex.