Octoberfest officially ended this weekend but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good marzen (the official name of Octoberfest beers) for a few more weeks.

I like to hold off on my pumpkin beers until mid October and continue until Thanksgiving. To me, that's fall. 

Also, I've been wanting to try this from Widmer Brothers. I'm a big fan of their beers and am not going to let something as trivial as a detox prevent me from sampling their marzen.

Look-Copper in color. It resmembles a leaf that has fallen from the tree in autumn. That's deep.

Smell-There's a pleasing malty sweetness in the nose. 

Taste-a subdued malt explosion if that makes sense. The sweetness of the malt invades every part of my mouth. I may be laying it on a bit too thick at this point.

Mouth-Medium bodied. Hearty in the mouth with a dry finish.

Overall-Not sure if this is a down the middle example of a marzen. It's very good and I love the malt forward flavor. Having said that, nothing really pops. It's pleasing but not especially memorable. 

About Okto:

Our full-bodied OKTO Festival Ale is inspired by Bavarian Oktoberfest, and we pay fitting tribute with its distinctive malt flavors, mild floral character and crisp clean finish.