We tried Sweetwater's flagship beer a few months ago, now let's try Blue. I'm hoping it's got a nice blueberry flavor because that's what I'm in the mood for right now. Hence the reason I opened it.

Look-Straw colored. Pilsner like lightness.

Smell-Well I can smell the blueberries a few feet away. That's a good sign. It's a little more muted in the nose due to the malt...which is pleasant in its own right. Smells delicious.

Taste-Blueberries! Nice and forward on my pallette. 

Mouth-Light bodied. The blueberries give way to a dry, toasty malt flavor as it goes down. 

Overall-Just what I was hoping for and needed. I like that it's not all blueberry. It pops then reminds you that you are having a beer and not a fruity cocktail. Maybe it was because it's what I wanted but I enjoyed it tremendously. 


About Blue:

Sweetwater Blue is a unique lighter style ale enhanced with a hint of fresh blueberry. When you drink this beer take a good whiff first and you’ll smell the blueberry influence, but on the taste it’s extremely subtle and the finish is extra clean. Ain’t no fruit beer, but it is our breakfast beer, usually folks that are looking to quench their thirst or for those that are new to the “good beer” lifestyle; this is their choice. This brew and the ESB were the original two to go through the tanks at SweetWater in February 1997.