I've been having a lot of beer from Stone lately and it's make me 

appreciate the brewery even more than I had.

If you noticed. I took a bit of a break from hop fueled beers. 

It was getting to be too much for me (I think I referred to it as "hop overload") 

but after the break, I've definitely savored the hops more.

It's good to keep variety in your drinking.

Look-Beautiful burnt amber.

Smell-the piney hops that I have not smelled in so long. Hello old friend. 

Some real nice citrus accents as well. I should mention that this pours beautifu

l with a full foamy head.

Taste-So well balanced! Hop into grapefruit into hop all mellowed out with

a smooth malt backbone.

Mouthfeel-Medium bodied. Dryness (but not "dry" if that makes sense).

The malt does a good job of balancing out the hop (and thus the dryness). Hop finish.

Overall-This is one to try!

About RuinTen:

In June 2012, we celebrated the 10th birthday of our notoriously

mega-hopped double IPA, Stone Ruination IPA, with the release

of a very special version that was even bigger and, incredibly, even

hoppier than the original. If Stone Ruination IPA is “A Liquid Poem to 

the Glory of the Hop,” then Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA was an

amped-up heavy metal version of that ode delivered with the force of a 

sledgehammer. Luckily for us, our fans love loud and aggressive brews,

specifically when copious amounts of humulus lupulus are involved. 

The original release of this beer was so instantly beloved by those who 

dared try it