Look-Brown with blackish hue...mahogany if you will.

Smell-Roasted malts fill my nose. Sweet.

Taste-Dark fruits are the first thing I get on the lips.

Mouth-Sweet and medium bodied.

Overall-Outside of the Jomo, this might be the best Starr Hill I've had. Interesting how the nose is roasty while the taste and mouth is full of dark fruit (dates? figs? raisins? Don't know...just enjoy it)

About Snowblind:

Starr Hill’s Snow Blind Doppelbock Lager is a full-bodied winter seasonal brew. Its massive caramel aroma belies its fresh and lightly toasted malt flavor. Sweetness dominates the front of the pallet while the beer finishes with a neutral lager taste that is clean and crisp. Snow Blind is smooth and will keep you warm throughout the winter months.