Here's something from a brewery you may not have heard of. They are making a lot of noise down the Hampton Roads area and will probably make their way to the DMV in 2014.

Click here to learn more about the brewery while we get to the drinking of their beer.

Look-Deep brown...drinking this from a mini-growler (see the picture below) that is a day or so old so there wasn't much foam.

Smell-sweet, malty with a VERY subtle hop aroma.

Taste-Interesting balance. It's malt forward but it's nicely balanced with with hop flavor in the back of my mouth.

Mouth-Medium bodied. Sweet on the lips with the dry, hoppy finish I mentioned earlier.

Overall-A unique amber ale in that the hop is more pronounced than your usual amber. I also enjoyed the malt foward but hop in the back of the mouth taste. Try it if you come across this brewery.

About Murphy's Law Amber Ale:

Murphy's Law Amber Ale acknowledges the relentless and unexpected obstacles that challenged us at every stage of starting Smartmouth Brewing Co. Incidentally, Murphy is also the name of Porter's pet boxer. This amber is balanced: the malty essence that comes through with a subtle roastiness is countered just so by hops that keep it smooth. Enjoy this good all-around beer with chili, grilled chicken, pizza or burgers. For an interesting cheese pairing, try it with Gruyere.