This is one of those beers that you hear a lot about from your beer snob friends. You know how it is in Oregon, everything's too cool and hip for the likes of you. Does it apply to beer?

Well let's find out.

Look-The amber (or deep gold if you prefer) color that I expect in a pale ale.

Smell-Nice malt in the nose. Slightly sweet with a bit of a hop blended in.

Taste-Definitely malt forward and definitely sweet.

Mouth-Medium bodied but feels heavier due to overall heartiness of the beer (I was going to say "grittier" but "heartiness" is better). Dry finish.

Overall-I appreciate that they went all in on the malt (rather than hops) for this. The sweetness of the honey was also good. I didn't love the heartiness in the back of the mouth though which left me a little too dry at the finish. 

About Dead Guy Ale:

In the style of a German Maibock, using our proprietary Pacman ale yeast. Deep honey in color with a malty aroma and a rich hearty flavor.