We are getting our taste buds ready for a local beer cornucopia this weekend at the Maryland Craft Beer Festival in Frederick.

You'll have a chance to win tix to the festival all this week.

Click here for more information on this great event.

Let's try a beer from a local brewery, shall we?

Look-The cloudy unfiltered straw color you'd expect from a good wheat beer.

Smell-I get hints of the wheat from a few feet away that comes in sweet and crisp on the nose. I'm assuming the sweetness comes from the malts. I'm assuming.

Taste-Crisp wheat flavor front and center on the lips with some hints of orange and/or citrus.

Mouth-Light bodied. The crispness gives way wonderfully to the sweetness of the malt in the mouth. It returns on the dry finish though. All kinds of wheat/barley flavor in the after taste.

Overall-A good wheat beer. I love the full range of flavors in the mouth and I enjoyed that it came full circle with the crisp, wheat flavored taste and after taste with a sweet malty middle. I'll mention the after taste again because it dares you not to have another sip. I lost that dare. My only complaint is that I didn't get an orange explosion...but that could be my crappy taste buds.


About White Dog:

A zesty orange wheat beer.