I LOVE the story of this beer (see below).

I also love this brewery and am so happy that they are doing so well.

Look-A cloudy, hazy yellow.

Smell-Sharp hops on the nose. I can already tell this is going to be a dry one.

Taste-Extremely dry and toasty from the moment it hits your lips. 

Mouth-Light to medium bodied. The malt balances the hops pretty well. Toasted biscuit is the dominat taste in my mouth. Very subtle hints of citrus a few moments after the swallow.

Overall-Dry isn't really my go to when it comes to beer. Having said that, I don't hate this. The toasty dryness of it could have overwhelmed but the finish mellows it just enough to keep me coming back. 

About Derecho Common:

On June 29th, 2012, a “land hurricane” wreaked havoc on the DC Metro region and Port City’s hometown. Knocking over trees and powerlines, this derecho (day-RAY-cho), as the storm is called, left a million without power during a record-breaking heatwave. While the brewery was not damaged, we were left without power and searching for a way to SAVE THE BEER. 

Procuring a generator, we were able to keep the brewery online and the beer saved. One batch of lager fermented at higher temperatures, producing what is called a California Common beer, or steam beer. 

The storm left us a gift: our lager had changed into a golden opportunity, DERECHO COMMON. 

DERECHO COMMON is deep golden in color, and has toasty, biscuity malt flavors. It is medium bodied with an assertive hop profile. It is dry hopped with Amarillo hops, which give it a spicy, citrusy hop kick on the finish.