Here's another beer that will be available at the On Tap Can Jam Beer Festival this Saturday. 

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This one's local so I'm excited to try this. 

Look-My intern says marigold but I'm not fully buying it. I'll go with "straw."

Smell-Sweet malts and a bit of spice...just a bit.

Taste-Ha...this was fun. A pinch of spice hit me as I took a sip. I appreciated it. From there, it was a nice hop flavor.

Mouth-Light to medium bodied. Crisp and clean with a dry, hoppy finish.

Overall-I enjoyed this. It's a bit higher ABV (5.6%) than I expect from a pilsner but nothing to hold against it. I'll definitely be having more of this. 

On Tap Can Jam Beer and Music Festival
THIS SATURDAY at Kastles Stadium in DC

40+ beers, food trucks and live music.
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About Rhino Chasers:

With a rich and dense creamy head, this crisp golden lager is clean and refreshing. Premium Pilsner and Munich malts create a sweet backbone, but hops are what really make this brew stand out. Spicy hop flavor and fresh aroma are from U.S. grown Hallertau and Saaz. Uncluttered and sharp, our pilsner relies on the basics of lager brewing. Good water, excellent ingredients, solid brewing practices, and lots of patience.