My first foray into the Lancaster Brewing Company is this milk stout. I prefer milk and oatmeal stouts to coffee stouts because...I'm not a huge coffee fan.
I know, I thought there's be more to the story than that as well.
Look- The black with slight brown hues that I would expect from a stout. No head to speak of.
Smell-Ever so slight roast in the nose. It's the chocolate that dominate though.
Taste-A sweet milk chocolate is the first thing that I taste but it quickly dissolves into a carbonated swirl.
Mouth-Very bitter with a carbonated pop. Medium to full bodied with a dry (and bitter) finish. 
Overall-I've been spoiled by the Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout. This just can't compete. I'm not really a bitter taste guy but I can appreciate it...but not with all this carbonation. The carbonation swallows up any other flavors. I'm glad I only bought one. 
About Milk Stout:
We are proud offer one of the few surviving examples of this traditional English style sweet stout. A bold, dark ale bursting with roasted barley dryness and mellowed by hints of chocolate and coffee.