With Heavy Seas having an event in the District this evening (click here for the details), what better time to sample their current seasonal beer?

Look-light golden color.

Smell-Spicey and fruity

Taste-The spice has a real nice kick on the lips but the sweetness of the beer (and malt) tames it in the mouth. 

Mouth-Light to medium bodied. Dry with a crisp, sweet finish. 

Overall-There is a lot going on in this beer. Dry. Sweet. Crisp, Smooth. Spice. Fruit. Somehow it all works though. This also has a lower ABV than what you usually get in a saison. While it doesn't fit the classic mold of a saison, it's a delicious beer and a great introduction to the style.

About Red Sky at Night:

This beer is brewed in the Belgian Saison style (country farm house ale). A potent yet delicate ale, brewed with a unique Belgian yeast which develops a spicy, fruity flavor. Enormously complex.