Can't do a pumpkin run without including some local flavor!

Look-This is listed as an "Imperial Pumpkin Ale" so it makes sense that it's darker than the usual pumpkin. A deep clear brown. 

Smell-The expected spices are there in the nose along with something else...a dark fruit or licorice perhaps?

Taste-Yup, I was right, there's definitely a dark fruit in there somewhere. It's blended nicely with the spices.

Mouth-Medium bodied with a sweet spicy finish. Just a hint (I mean a SLIGHT hint) of heat in the mouth. It'd be welcomed on a chilly night to warm the stomach.

Overall-I like that Flying Dog has gone outside the box for their pumpkin. This is a unique (and tasty) take on a style that's hard to differentiate. Well done.

About The Fear:

We brewed The Fear with local pumpkin puree and secret blend spices. But once you take a sniff and a sip, those spices become quite apparent.