I got two bottles of this. One for now and one for a few years from now to see how it ages.

Look-Brown. Like a soda.

Smell- the carbonation makes it smell like dark fruit candy. If that exists. If it doesn't, let's invent it. Sweet.

Taste-Right away I get the sweetness of the dark fruit. Cherries, raisins, etc. Definitely tastes like candy. It's really good.

Mouth-Medium bodied. Sweet. A bit of carbonation and slight (very slight) heat from the alcohol.

Overall-A REALLY good barleywine. I love the sweetness of it and can't wait to try it again in a few years to see how the age mellows out the alcohol.


About Horn Dog:

Big malty flavors, including licorice and chocolate, are balanced with a moderate hop profile. Brewed with copious amounts of prized malts and flaked oats, the Barley Wine is so strong that it has to be aged for several months before we can bottle it. Like a fine wine, it will continue to improve with age up to 2 years after bottling (If kept cool).