It's been awhile since we've sampled a DFH beer. 
This is actually a collaboration with Sierra Nevada so let's give her a whirl.

Look- A hazy amber coloring.

Smell- Really clean in the nose. Is that apple? Hmmm. No. Sweet malts perhaps.

Taste-Dry hopped balanced very well with sweet malt.

Mouth-Medium bodied. The caramel in the malt gives even more sweetness to the beer.
Dry finish.

Overall-It's an east coast/west coast collab but it drinks like east coast 
came out slightly ahead. Good dry hop flavor but definitely won't please 
the "hopheads." I'm not a hophead so I appreciate the sweet malt balance
 of the beer. One more ingredient would have really made it pop but as is, it's
 a solid beer. 

About Rhizing Bines:

Rhizing Bines is a collaborative IPA using the best of both coasts:
 Carolina-grown red fife wheat and Dogfish Head’s continual-hopping from 
the East and Sierra Nevada’s estate-grown caramel malt and Torpedo dry-hopping
 from the west.