Not gonna lie, my eyes light up when I see a Devils Backbone brew in the Beer Of The Day.

I love that brewery.

I also love this label. Very eye catching. 

Look-A nice amber color with lots of rising bubbles. 

Smell-Allspice for sure with the pumpkin aroma coming out as it lingers in the glass. Sweet malt is also present.

Taste-Allspice pop right on the lips before the sweetness of the malt balances it all out. The pumpkin comes out in the finish.

Mouth-Light to medium bodied. Sweet with a smooth finish.

Overall-First off, I don't love overly pumpkiny pumpkin beers (Southern Tier is good, but it's more like dessert than a beer). Having said that, I do enjoy a bit more pumpkin flavor than the Ichabod gives. The spice is there and appreciated. The pumpkin comes out in the finish. I would have preferred a bit more in the mouth. A very good beer though and one you should definitely try.

About Ichabod Crandall:

This frighteningly delicious ale is reddish amber in color with subtle pumpkin sweetness. Enjoy the warming flavor and aroma of pumpkin pie in a glass. You’ll lose your head over this one!