We wrap up our preview of DC Beer Week (details on all the events next week are below) with the mother of all DC collaborations.

More than 12 local breweries had a hand in this summer ale and it will ONLY be available this month and ONLY in our area.

Talk about limited edition!

Look-cloudy light golden...straw like in color. Great head retention.

Smell-Grassy hop flavor in the nose. Also some hints of wheat, oats, and barley...but just hints.

Taste-Interesting light hops is the first thing I taste. That's immediately replaced with a strong toasty malt flavor.

Mouth-Very light bodied. The toasted malt give it an air of dryness but it's not a typical "dry" beer. It's very crisp.

Overall-I like this beer even though it's not my typical "summer session" beer. That's what makes it good. This is a perfect beer to get out of your usual session comfort zone. But remember, you gotta get to a DC Beer Week event to try it. The most limited of limited editions. 

About Solidarity Summer Ale:

The official collaboration brew of DC Beer Week 2013, the Solidarity Summer Ale is an extremely limited release English Summer Ale that you'll only be able to enjoy during DC Beer Week this month (while supplies last). More than 12 breweries from DC, Maryland & Virginia contributed to the brew, including DC Brau, 3 Stars, District ChopHouse, Mad Fox Brewing, Rock Bottom, Gordon Biersch, Cap City Brewing, Port City, Lost Rhino, Brewer's Art and others.

Only 20 barrels of the Solidarity Summer Ale were brewed with the intention of being an easy drinking ale suitable for the very hot summer months of DC. Upon taking a whiff the nose is greeted with nice mineral-like nose with hints of crackers. Appearance is a light, crisp pale straw hue. Mouth feel is light and refreshing with minimal bitterness leaning more towards the light toasty malt notes of the brew. Flavors favor the malt and yeast on this one with mellow "cellar-like" notes contributed by the low fermentation temps employed make this one an easy drinker and a perfect quencher for the tropical-like summers we have here in the nation's capital.

DC Beer Week, August 11-18, is a celebration of good beer in the National Capital Region from conception to consumption and everyone and everything in between. DC Beer Week aims to educate all on good beer through various events, seminars, parties and good times. For complete list of events visit the DC Beer Week website and follow them on facebook and twitter for updates.

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