I had my first 3 Stars brew not too long ago and it was fantastic which just makes me want to try more of their beers...including today's, which I was lucky enough to have straight from the growler (pictured below).

Of course 3 Stars is participating in a number of DC Beer Week events next week. See below for some links on DC Beer Week.

Look-cloudy straw yellow color

Smell-Interesting in that I haven't smelled anything like this before. Lime for sure with subtle pepper notes. I love basil but I don't get much in the nose.

Taste-Pepper is the first thing I get and then some hints of lime...and, ahhh, THERE's the basil! Make sure you swirl it.

Mouth-Light bodied and crisp. The swirl also brings out more lime flavor. Surprisingly dry finish.

Overall-Try this beer now as it's a great summer session beer. Better yet, get to a DC Beer Week event and try it there!

About Lime Basil Saison:

This summer session saison is crafted for easy drinking during the hotter months. Only 4.6% ABV, it has subtle aromas of basil and pepper with an underlying bite of citrus from fresh lime peels. This beer is perfect for your summer grill outs - fish, chicken or burgers with fresh veggies from the garden. 


DC Beer Week, August 11-18, is a celebration of good beer in the National Capital Region from conception to consumption and everyone and everything in between. DC Beer Week aims to educate all on good beer through various events, seminars, parties and good times. For complete list of events visit the DC Beer Week website and follow them on facebook and twitter for updates.

Website: DCBeerWeek.net
Facebook: Facebook.com/DCBeerWeek

Twitter: @DCBeerWeek #DCBW2013

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